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Local SEO is a marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level. The size of the area you take over is up to you.


National SEO is a strategy that completely dominates an industry on a national level. Taking your business to an elite level.


Social Media has became an important part of Marketing Equation. We can manage all aspects of that.


Most people only write reviews when they are upset. We make sure your online reputation isn’t comprises by a few unpleasable customers.


It is important to have a website that converts the traffic we generate. A easy to use website that gives the customer all the information and resources they need.


Paid search Advertising is the quickest solution to your traffic needs. SEO is the long term solution but if you need a results paid advertising.

What other professionals are saying about our work

Dalton, has a so refreshing way to attack and solve problems, is creativity, just open my eyes. Thanks to Dalton, I have increased ranking positions, on Google, with just small on page tweaks. His strategies are outstanding. Hope to see Dalton again on other futures projectsEmiliano Marsili - CEO at
Dalton is truly amazing. He took an idea and turned it into something I could use and be proud of in a matter of days. I needed something that would pop off the page, and what Dalton created was nothing short of a masterpiece, consistent with my brand and creatively edgy enough to get folks attention. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Dalton – and I can’t recommend him highly enough!Annie PearceInternet - Marketing Consultant at Seek Easy Online Marketing
Dalton is one of the best SEOs I have ever worked with in my life. We’ve worked together on several projects and his knowledge and skill is unparalleled.
Dalton is always honest and it has been a pleasure to do business with him. I would easily recommend him to any business looking to grow their online audienceAnthony MacKay - CEO at Rank Up CO Marketing
“Dalton is a very determined and talented SEO Specialist. He will work round the clock to get the job done. He is one of the elite out there on the market today. I appreciate all he has done for me.”Mark Patton - Principal Owner at Mark Patton SEO
Dalton is one of the most knowledgeable SEO’s and digital marketers around. Not only is he extremely professional, but his work is top quality and you’ll see a great return from working with him. Seriously, if you take your business somewhere else, you are truly missing out on a great guy who always gets the job doneJoel House - SEO Expert
Every time I’ve worked with Dalton on a project, it has been nothing but good communication and excellent technical advice. He truly is a master at his craft and working with him was a pleasure as well as fruitful.

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for SEM services.Elisha Kim - Head SEO Consultant/Online Marketing Expert at Savvy SEO

Rising North Consulting

Rising North Consulting was founded to help businesses all over the USA dominate their local industry. We do this by focusing on getting your company in front of as many new customers as possible. We develop a custom plan that is designed to get your company to the top of google. This will increase the amount of leads you get and will result into more customers for your company.

We are not like most SEO Agencies we develop customized SEO strategies that are designed specifically for you. Their are many agencies that will put your company through the same system they put all their clients through hoping it will increase their position and that is not how SEO works anymore. This allows us to give you the best possible results.

Our main focus is growing your business. That is what we are best at and we are passionate about it. We deliver the highest level of service to our customers no exceptions. This allows us to build long term relationships with our clients.

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What is seo?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is form of digital marketing that focuses on getting your website to show up higher then your competitor on specific search engine results page (SERP). This causes your website to get clicked more tacking more potential clients to your website.

Why Focusing on SEO is important?

When you do SEO properly you will see an increase in leads. If you get more leads to your website you will get more clients. This does several things but the bottom line is you will see an increase in revenue.

We are now in the digital age and old forms of marketing aren’t as effective as the use to be. The majority of people use SERPs to find services for their needs. With a quick search anyone can find a list of companies that do what they need. The typical person will overlook the paid ads and find a company somewhere on the first page. This is why you want your company on that page.

Why Rising North?

Rising North Consulting understand how Google and all the other search engines work. They are always changing to improve the experience of its users. That is why most of the old strategies the other SEO Agencies use don’t work anymore. We are always testing what works and doesn’t so we can come up with a strategy that will work for your company.

We understand that your ROI is very important and we focus on getting the best return. This will help both of us grow because when we deliver results you might brag about us to your friends.


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